Dani’s favourite thing is being creative and coming up with innovative ideas.

Dani is available for creative consultations, where she can come up with ideas for digital marketing and video campaigns to make your brand explode. She is also available to run video or social campaigns on your company’s behalf to ensure you get the most views and reach once the video is launched.

Dani has proven success with TV shows, Kickstarter campaigns and Youtube/Facebook video campaigns.

Dani ran a successful video campaign for the Broadbent Institution, where the video campaign #cantwait got over 750,000 total views on Facebook and Youtube in 2 weeks, as well as featured on Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

Dani worked with CBC Punchline and Don Ferguson Productions to launch a video campaign for Newborn Moms – a new webseries. The show got over 200,000 views in a month, and much attention in the press.

Dani came up with a music video to inspire Torontonians to give back to the community for the holidays for her band, KINK. The video was directed and edited by Dani, and shot by The Trenches Media. It currently sits at just over 25,000 views and is growing every day!

Dani got involved with the makers of the Colborne Bag weeks before their Kickstarter campaign, to help direct the flow of their video, and edit it. The campaign was a success!

Music videos here were shot, directed and edited by Dani.

To see more work Dani has done with video, check out the portfolio!