Globe and Mail Publication!

Check out this sweet article I wrote for the Globe and Mail:

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Playdium Fun!

Attractions Ontario sent me and a friend to Playdium last weekend and we totally had a blast! The idea of visiting an “arcade” may seem like something for kids, but what it really does it bring out the kid in you. You can’t help it when you’re there: running around and smiling along with everyone else comes easy.

When we first got there, we headed straight for zombies. This is really the only place you can fully experience immersing yourself in the feeling the characters in The Walking Dead must have. Spine chilling adrenaline!


After shooting for a bit and my arm feeling tired, we decided to switch it up and do some racing. Even though it was a Saturday night and it was really busy, we had no problem finding games to play without having to wait in long lines. It was awesome.

I actually ride a motorcycle so I thought the motorcycle racing game would be an easy win for me – turns out I’m not as good at racing bikes over cliffs and around obstacles as I am driving them around the slow traffic of Toronto. We also played this really neat version of Mario Kart (I am a huge Mario Kart fan). The best part is that the game takes a picture of your face before you play and imposes it on your character’s head. Literally could not stop laughing about it.


Did the “Dark Escape 4D” and almost died with fear. SO SCARY and really need to play in a completely dark booth with 3D glasses, and wind and stuff moving at you. Makes it all feel very realistic. The best part about playing at Playdium is that when you die, you can scan your card and just keep on playing. It is way easier than using tokens or cash.


For any Star Wars junkies they have battle pods, which are really neat. And there is an entire section where you can play more classic arcade games and win tickets to get prizes etc…

Honestly can’t wait to go back – was such a great time and actually had a great weekend night without drinking! Definitely fully recommend for date nights or nights out with kids too! The kids all looked like they were having a blast!

Leesa Mattress Heaven

When we first ordered our Leesa mattress online – a new luxury mattress delivered to your door, made custom to order – I was a bit skeptical.

I kept on seeing these photos:


And I was thinking – all these people look way too happy with their mattress delivery. I mean, it’s just a mattress.

But I have to admit, when we got the box delivered to our door, I probably looked as happy as all the models laying on the mattresses on the Leesa website.

Firstly, the entire process is super fun. The mattress comes vacuum sealed in plastic, and it is hard to believe that the box you get is the size of mattress you ordered at all. The first thing I said when I opened the box was “Is this a queen? Did they maybe send us a twin or double instead?” But when we put the mattress down on our current mattress, it did look the same size, just completely compressed.

Then it got even more fun!

When we cut open the plastic, air rushed in and everything started expanding. We rushed to cut and pull the plastic off – and we watched the mattress rise and turn into the perfection we currently sleep on.

The first night of sleeping on the Leesa was soft, but over the next few days the mattress continued to expand and turned into perfection. We love our Leesa and will never go back to the traditional spring mattress!

* This post was sponsored by Leesa Mattress

New stuff!

Hey crew!

Lots of fun stuff going on. I just started working with The 48 at One King West – the most gorgeous offices, available for hourly, daily or weekly rentals. Definitely check those out, especially if you have a home office and may need to rent some space for meetings or events.

I also did this sweet podcast for Camp Tech —->Β

AND I will be teaching the Digital Marketing course at Seneca College this semester which I am extra stoked about. It will be a great opportunity to change the industry starting from the ground up, and give some kids creative inspiration!

Later Gators!

Greenspace Brands

What’s new?

Started working with Greenspace Brands for a few months taking over social media for 4 of their brands while they look at replacing a full-time employee.

Want to check out the brands?

If you’re interested in getting someone to take over social for a short period of time, we can help! Having someone on contract is a great way to ensure all the work gets done while you are searching. Remember – social media is not something you can take a month off on!


Bruce Mines

This week I went on an adventure with Camp Tech! I flew out to Sault Ste Marie to do 3 workshops and 1 private consultation. I met a lot of great people, and did some really cool stuff!

I flew in on Porter, which is always great. Nothing makes a flight better than free cookies. I stayed at a great hotel, and the next morning I woke up early to go here… (beautiful picture right?)


The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre at Algoma University – what a great group of people, doing really great stuff! They have a program where they encourage youth to become entrepreneurs – right up my alley!

I drove out in this sweet ride… #heatedsteeringwheel


…to go to St. Joes Island – about 40 minutes away. I got to the Stonefield House BNB, run by the lovely Peggy and Monty. Highly recommended if you ever want to get-away from the city for a few days! Surrounded by 80 acres of wild life, maple syrup and giant crows, this bed and breakfast is cozy and the rooms are large and have their own bathrooms.

I took a short nap and did a little work on my laptop (another plus – the BnB has highspeed Wifi!) then headed out to teach another workshop to about 25 people from the St. Joes area who all owned a variety of businesses.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.34.39 PM.png

Back to the bnb to sleep!

The next morning Peggy made me a delicious breakfast in the morning and served it to me in the basement Irish pub which they had custom built for their home! How cool is that?


Off I went again to Bruce Mines – a community about 20 minutes away. I taught another workshop in the morning to an even larger group, and it was fantastic! I took off afterwards to head over to Cheryl’s house – she owns an online newspaper called the North Channel Current. After working with her for a bit, she took me out back to visit her chickens! There is literally nothing I love more than holding chickens!


I am back at the airport waiting for my flight home – glad I got away from Toronto for a few days because I missed the entire storm! Thanks to everyone in “The Soo” for always being so lovely!

Cory Doctorow

Hey everyone!

I am writing to tell you that if you enjoy reading in any capacity, and consider yourself creative, you MUST go pick up a book by Cory Doctorow! I have just finished two of his books – Makers and Down and Out in The Magic Kingdom, and both have completely blown my mind and inspired me!

Doctorow writes Science Fiction, but I consider it “relatable sci-fi”. Relatable because his worlds are in the not-so-distant future, and his characters’ lives encapsulate ones we may actually have in the next 10-30 years!

His ideas of the future of economics, inventions and ideas are super creative, while still being grounded enough that they are believable.

Do yourself a favour and read either of these great books – I’m about to start another one of his books called Little Brother, and I am extra excited!