Air Farce is one of CBC’s oldest shows – and every year it has a special on NYE! We wanted to help Air Farce step it up on social this year to bring the show a new younger audience.

We live-tweeted from on set at the CBC, as well as both live-filming nights and we built a successful twitter following by interacting with fans of this hour has 22 minutes. We even got #AirFarceNYE trending on Twitter!


We also launched this video on Facebook for Air Farce as a teaser for the show and it got over 150,000 views!

Air Farce got over 1 million viewers on NYE this year, and many of them chatted with Dani live-tweeting throughout the entire episode! We look forward to working with Air Farce again next year!


Dani with Mark, one of the producers of Air Farce.


On set with Air Farce.