Attractions Ontario sent me and a friend to Playdium last weekend and we totally had a blast! The idea of visiting an “arcade” may seem like something for kids, but what it really does it bring out the kid in you. You can’t help it when you’re there: running around and smiling along with everyone else comes easy.

When we first got there, we headed straight for zombies. This is really the only place you can fully experience immersing yourself in the feeling the characters in The Walking Dead must have. Spine chilling adrenaline!


After shooting for a bit and my arm feeling tired, we decided to switch it up and do some racing. Even though it was a Saturday night and it was really busy, we had no problem finding games to play without having to wait in long lines. It was awesome.

I actually ride a motorcycle so I thought the motorcycle racing game would be an easy win for me – turns out I’m not as good at racing bikes over cliffs and around obstacles as I am driving them around the slow traffic of Toronto. We also played this really neat version of Mario Kart (I am a huge Mario Kart fan). The best part is that the game takes a picture of your face before you play and imposes it on your character’s head. Literally could not stop laughing about it.


Did the “Dark Escape 4D” and almost died with fear. SO SCARY and really need to play in a completely dark booth with 3D glasses, and wind and stuff moving at you. Makes it all feel very realistic. The best part about playing at Playdium is that when you die, you can scan your card and just keep on playing. It is way easier than using tokens or cash.


For any Star Wars junkies they have battle pods, which are really neat. And there is an entire section where you can play more classic arcade games and win tickets to get prizes etc…

Honestly can’t wait to go back – was such a great time and actually had a great weekend night without drinking! Definitely fully recommend for date nights or nights out with kids too! The kids all looked like they were having a blast!

About the Author Dani (KINK)

I am the CEO of a digital marketing firm in Toronto, and the lead singer and guitarist in a band called KINK.

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