This week I went on an adventure with Camp Tech! I flew out to Sault Ste Marie to do 3 workshops and 1 private consultation. I met a lot of great people, and did some really cool stuff!

I flew in on Porter, which is always great. Nothing makes a flight better than free cookies. I stayed at a great hotel, and the next morning I woke up early to go here… (beautiful picture right?)


The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre at Algoma University – what a great group of people, doing really great stuff! They have a program where they encourage youth to become entrepreneurs – right up my alley!

I drove out in this sweet ride… #heatedsteeringwheel


…to go to St. Joes Island – about 40 minutes away. I got to the Stonefield House BNB, run by the lovely Peggy and Monty. Highly recommended if you ever want to get-away from the city for a few days! Surrounded by 80 acres of wild life, maple syrup and giant crows, this bed and breakfast is cozy and the rooms are large and have their own bathrooms.

I took a short nap and did a little work on my laptop (another plus – the BnB has highspeed Wifi!) then headed out to teach another workshop to about 25 people from the St. Joes area who all owned a variety of businesses.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 5.34.39 PM.png

Back to the bnb to sleep!

The next morning Peggy made me a delicious breakfast in the morning and served it to me in the basement Irish pub which they had custom built for their home! How cool is that?


Off I went again to Bruce Mines – a community about 20 minutes away. I taught another workshop in the morning to an even larger group, and it was fantastic! I took off afterwards to head over to Cheryl’s house – she owns an online newspaper called the North Channel Current. After working with her for a bit, she took me out back to visit her chickens! There is literally nothing I love more than holding chickens!


I am back at the airport waiting for my flight home – glad I got away from Toronto for a few days because I missed the entire storm! Thanks to everyone in “The Soo” for always being so lovely!

About the Author Dani (KINK)

I am the CEO of a digital marketing firm in Toronto, and the lead singer and guitarist in a band called KINK.

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