Hey everyone!

I am writing to tell you that if you enjoy reading in any capacity, and consider yourself creative, you MUST go pick up a book by Cory Doctorow! I have just finished two of his books – Makers and Down and Out in The Magic Kingdom, and both have completely blown my mind and inspired me!

Doctorow writes Science Fiction, but I consider it “relatable sci-fi”. Relatable because his worlds are in the not-so-distant future, and his characters’ lives encapsulate ones we may actually have in the next 10-30 years!

His ideas of the future of economics, inventions and ideas are super creative, while still being grounded enough that they are believable.

Do yourself a favour and read either of these great books – I’m about to start another one of his books called Little Brother, and I am extra excited!

About the Author Dani (KINK)

I am the CEO of a digital marketing firm in Toronto, and the lead singer and guitarist in a band called KINK.

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