Hey everyone!

I decided a few weeks ago, that it was time for a new website! So here it is! And with the new website, comes the promise for me to be more active on here. Blogging has never been a strength of mine – I much prefer posting a million selfies on Facebook.

What will I be posting on here….

  • More about my current projects and what I do everyday!
  • Reviews and chats about books I’m reading or shows I’m watching. Or bands I am listening to.
  • Events I’m speaking at, workshops I’m teaching
  • Tips, tricks… those sorts of things
  • Random stuff, when I’m bored.
  • Probably my band stuff. Because, I love music.

I guess I should have made this my New Year’s resolution, but I was too busy tweeting for Air Farce during New Years Eve to think much about resolutions.

Enjoy the site!


About the Author Dani (KINK)

I am the CEO of a digital marketing firm in Toronto, and the lead singer and guitarist in a band called KINK.

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