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A lot of people ask Dani – so what is it that you do?

Here, is a brief history of Dani G Inc.

Dani G Inc is a social media creation firm. It was founded in 2010 by Dani Gagnon. Since then, Dani G Inc has taken part in building successful social media strategies and plans for more than 500 businesses across Canada.

Dani has always been interested in the Internet, fish, and social media marketing. As a teen, she followed the growth of MySpace and LiveJournal through the early stages of online networking and blogging. She was accepted in the summer of 2004 to the Shad Valley program, at Lakehead University. At Shad Valley, Dani created and patented a company with a team – Thermotek Inc, along with a product – a life preserver that used chemical reactions to warm a body in an emergency situation. Dani gained invaluable marketing and entrepreneurial skills in this program throughout the month as well as lifelong business connections.

“I worked with Dani when we were both selected for the Shad Valley engineering / entrepreneurship program and assigned to the Lakehead University campus. The work was challenging and exciting. Dani clearly showed her energy and intelligence in all her project work. It was great to meet her and to work with her. It would be fantastic to work with her again.”
Mikhail Klassen, Student, Marianopolis College

It was at the University of Guelph, when Dani was working towards receiving her BAH in Criminal Justice and Public Policy, that she joined Facebook, and was hooked – for life.

“Dani is exceptionally bright, hard working and creative.”
William Christian, Freelance Journalism, Waterloo Region Record

After university, she began her career in the marketing field by managing various retail stores in Toronto. It was here that Dani explored social media marketing – with her knowledge of graphic design and marketing, she headed event projects and created social media marketing plans for the businesses she worked with. Her natural aptitude for marketing allowed her to take part in building the successful branch of Groms, a skate store for kids, in the Beaches.

“Dani was the manager of Groms – Toronto Beaches location when it opened in July 2010. Her passion, energy, and ideas generated excitement around the store and resulted in a strong launch and success at the retail level. Dani’s strengths lie in marketing, sales and networking. Taking the lead on social media marketing at Groms led Dani to launch The Like Button which has become an immediate success story. Dani is an expert on all things social media and a highly motivated person of action.”
Lauren Harrington, President, Groms Inc.

Because of her passion and drive to help develop successful businesses, Dani was elected to the board of the BIA in the Beach. She then saw how much her knowledge of social media marketing was valued – she spent time working one-on-one with store owners in the area on their marketing plans, branding and social media. Dani’s idea for The Like Button grew; Dani wanted social media marketing to become available to business owners anywhere.

“As a social media coach and consultant, Dani brings us “mature” business people into the 21st century with a whole new way of thinking about networking.”
– Betty Anne Tarini, Real Estate Calgary

Dani dove in head first, and began The Like Button in December of 2010. Immediately, she picked up clients and her ambition led her to transform The Like Button into a thriving business. Watch a video from when Dani first started The Like Button below:

“Dani has a tremendous energy and it shows through in her work and her relationships. She is thorough, and as our companies offer mutually exclusive services, I engage her whenever I need to, knowing my own clients are in good hands. I could have hired someone into my firm, but instead prefer to use Dani, and further help her achieve business success for The Like Button. I would not hesitate for a moment to engage Dani and her company’s services.”
– Rebecca Mountain, President – Impetus Consulting

Though The Like Button was renamed Dani G Inc, it keeps it’s original brand name through the website domain to remind clients (and the team) that social is meant to be light-hearted. Dani has a tremendous taste for innovative marketing, as well as keeping in front of the newest social media trends. Want to become part of Dani’s future? E-mail dani@thelikebutton.ca for more info!